Monday, July 27, 2009

Since this is my first blogging attempt, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about myself.

I have been a "crafter/artist" for many, many years. I think I've tried all of the craft trends that have come along over the years, but it was always paper that's been my siren call. I love it, can't get enough of it, but don't want to use it. (Yeah, I think you could call it an addiction.) But, in reality you can only store so much paper so, I started making greeting cards, and then, moved into scrapbooking.

However, with someone who truly loves paper you have the little matter of all those lovely scrap pieces! I'm telling you, it "hurts" me to throw away perfectly good little pieces of paper... even those teeny ones (I did mention addiction, right?). I actually have friends that save "their" paper scraps for me. So, I decided to try paper-making as a way to use the bits and pieces --- these days, it's called recycling. Yep, it was when I tried paper-making that I found my "true calling". It's wonderfully messy, creative, and best of all, you have a finished product that people actually use and enjoy! (Big plus if you'd seen some of my papier-mache projects, but that's another story.)

So, that's how I got started making my own handmade paper and paper-castings; it's the perfect solution! I get to keep and actually use all those wonderful scrappy pieces!

On a more personal note, I have a chronic illness that pretty much keeps me homebound; so, selling my items on craft sites, such as Etsy and Artfire, have been a blessing to me! I get to stay productive, make a little money, and keep up communication with like-minded folks such as yourself. Man, my life would be so different without computers, the internet and websites! So, good karma on all those that had anything to do with this over the years.

I'm so very, very fortunate to have a tremendously supportive immediate and extended family! We recently added a brand new puppy to round out the family. He's a 3 month old miniature poodle who keeps me entertained with his antics.

I think that covers all the basics about me, so come back often and check out my progress with this whole "blogging" thing . It's sure to be entertaining to you ol' pros, but hopefully, you'll have some tips to share. And the other newbies out there can commiserate with me. My next goal is to add links to my work and photos, etc and working to improve the overall look of this blog --- of course, I have to learn how to do that first. Ahhh, life is an ongoing, ever moving, learning experience, isn't it?


  1. That's awesome to hear how you got started. I love hearing people's beginnings. I'd love to see more pictures of your work.

  2. I can understand your addiction - I too am an addict - of many types of arts and crafts but for the last 7 years - beads.... But you've admitted it - that is the first step :-) There are much worse things we could be addicted to... You should see my craft room - its a mess, but I am trying to organize so that I can find things! I keep hoping the little elves will come during the night :-)

  3. i love paper, too.
    i used to collect all sorts of paper goods!
    I lecture Sky how we can save trees by saving papers and she is not allowed to waste paper towel;)

  4. I love paper and I love mini poodles! My daughter and I spent the day making gift boxes, gift tags and using all my new Martha papercutters and stampers.

    Good luck with your blogging!